What is an Education Agent?

An Education Agent is a professionally trained consultant who can assist you if you are planning on studying in Australia. There is the option of directly applying with AGC however an education agent can assist you with the admission application process as well as gaining approval of the Australian Student Visa application.


How can they help me?

Education Agents can assist you in many ways:

  • They are professionally trained and therefore have expert knowledge regarding all the different types of institutions and courses offered in Australia. They can help you find a course within AGC that suits your specific needs.

  • They can assist you in applying with AGC as well as helping you apply for a student visa.


Do I need an Education Agent?

It is not compulsory to have an education agent in order to enrol in any of our courses. You may enrol directly. However, some education agents can assist you with your travel and accommodation arrangements.

Would it cost me anything?

Most education Agents services are cost free for students, however you may be required to pay a fee for visa assistance or other immigration matters. It is advised that you discuss the fee arrangement with your agent prior to commencing any work.


Student World

Contact Person: Akram Mardini

+61 2 9290 2366

3/393 George Street, NSW Australia 2000

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Contact Person: Man Bahadur Rai, MA
Managing Director

Life Track Int'l Educational Consultancy Pvt. Ltd.
Koteshwor-35, Ratnamarga, Kathmandu, Nepal
P. O. Box:23793

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Australian Professional Managers

Contact Person: Leo Zhang/Sam Liang

+61 2 0401 822 218

84-85 Bankstown City Plaza, Bankstown, NSW  2200

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Newstars Education & Migration

Contact Person: Jasper Wu

+61 2 9264 5388

Level 7, 263 Clarence street, Sydney NSW 2000.

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Australian Global College

Address Level 1, 127 Castlereagh St Liverpool NSW 2170 Australia  

Tel: 1300 929 222