Smart and Skilled

Australian Global College was successful in securing some funding in the Smart and Skilled Skilling for Recovery applications across the Sydney region.

We are proud to see our teams hard work in adding funding for our Business course programs in the Targeted Priorities Full Qualifications Program and the Entitlements Full qualifications Program.

We will continue to deliver funded short skill sets in Aged Care, Business, Leadership, Childcare and First Aid, in addition to the Summer Skills Programs, all under the Smart and Skilled contract.

For more information about Smart and Skilled, please visit:

International Students

  • The Australian Government is committed to the return of international students to Australia when it is safe to do so, and careful consideration is being given to how and when that can happen.
  • Australian states and territories are working with education providers to develop small-scale pilot programs to welcome international students back onshore, in accordance with Australian public health advice.
  • The Northern Territory has become the first jurisdiction in Australia to start a pilot program.
  • If you hold a student visa and you are currently offshore, we encourage you to continue studying online, as restrictions on travel to Australia are still in place.
  • Please note that the Australian Government has recommenced granting student visas. If you don’t yet have a student visa, we encourage you to apply for a visa and commence your studies online, so that when borders re-open you can travel to Australia to continue your studies here.
  • Remember that if you hold a student visa, online study done outside Australia due to COVID-19 can count towards the Australian study requirement for a post-study work visa.
  • We recognise this is a challenging time for international students, particularly for those students and
    families who have made significant sacrifices to embark upon a world-class education in Australia.
  • Australia prides itself on being a safe, welcoming and multicultural country and we will continue to provide updates on Australia’s plans to welcome you back.
  • We encourage you to stay in contact with your education provider and seek support as needed.
  • We look forward to welcoming you back as soon as it is safe to do so.

New programs

Introducing new programs, Australian Global College has been working closely with Training Market NSW and has applied for funded courses.

Australian Global college is a Smart and Skilled provider, we have been invited by the department of education to apply for the Skilling for Recovery funding program, that has been introduced by the department as part of the job trainer initiative, this program will offer free training to eligible clients and help people reskill, retrain and redeploy the workforce to industries where are skills shortages and emerging employment opportunitie. Skilling for Recovery will help job seekers retrain or up-skill to enhance their credentials and support school leavers to enter the workforce for he first time.

Skilling for Recovery Initiative is divided into 2 sections: Full and Part qualifications.

Skilling for Recovery Full qualifications funding has not been released yet and we should be knowing further information in the coming weeks, but in regards to the part qualifications, Australian Global College, is working with local high schools, organizations and job networks applying for these courses to help upskill and retrain targeted candidates. Skill sets include:

  • Pathway to individual support
  • Leadership skills
  • Business skills
  • Statement of attainment in cultural diversity
  • Statement of attainment in first Aid for Early childhood
  • Statement of attainment in Child protection
  • Statement of attainment in mental health
  • Statement of attainment in business presentation.
  • Statement of attainment in WHS and Risk management.

All these courses and more will be available throughout 2021 on application for eligible students, funded by Smart and skilled. Please contact the office on: 1300 929 222 or for more information and eligibility criteria on everything in this blog.


Australian Global College understands the challenge that the COVID-19 has put on all the communities locally and internationally, we are committed to be flexible and offer a safe and understanding workplace that best suits our clients.  We have a Covid safety plan, which we follow to make sure all staff and visitors are following procedure and staying safe, and we are following social distancing in all classes, and trying to shift classes where possible to online learning and limit face to face learning where permissible.

Actions in place:

All staff, visitors and customers’ temperature will be taken prior to commencing training, if your temperature is high you will not be able to attend the training. A doctors certificate will need to be provided prior to the next training day for you to attend. You will be required to sign a declaration in relation to COVID-19

Supply of hand sanitizer for students and staff to use at set intervals throughout the course.

Requirement of students and staff to wash their hands frequently with soap and water on each break and before returning from breaks to the classroom. If students and staff need to cough or sneeze, they are required to do so into a tissue, handkerchief or bent arm, avoiding touching of their face, and required to cleanse their hands following coughing or sneezing. Face masks will be provided to students and will be requested to wear on the practical assessment if they are closer than 1.5m from another student. We are required to ensure 1.5m social distancing between students when practical

All visitors required to sign a declaration in relation to COVID-19 and anyone entering the training facilities that who has tested positive for COVID-19 must self-isolate and not attend Australian Global College training facilities for at least 14 days