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International students


Some things you might need to prepare

Course Choice

Have you explored your course options? Sometimes choosing the right course for yourself can be challenging and confusing. If you need a hand in understanding your course choices and suitability, our staff at AGC would be delighted to help. To contact us, please head over to our Contact page. 

If you have chosen a course, you will need the Course Name and Course Code (CRICOS Code).

Moving to Australia

Studying internationally is an exciting and significant decision to make so making sure you are well prepared for your new journey will leave less room for stress and more room for learning and exploring. Here are some questions to help you prepare:

How much will it cost to live in Australia?

Can I bring someone with me? 

For information and support, please check out 'Study in Australia' which provides information from planning your departure to settling down.  ​

Entry Requirements

Have you read our Entry Requirement document?

Education History

As indicated in Entry Requirements of the particular course, applicants must meet a certain standard before your application will be accepted. To ensure a smooth application process, please have the necessary proof documents ready. It is a general rule of thumb that we only accept original or certified copies. (please refer to your course information sheet for further information)


To complete this component of your application, please have your education certificates, qualifications and relevant documents ready for your ease of application.

Proof of ID

Please also have the following ready:


Proof of ID

Visa (optional)

Student Handbook

Have you read through the student handbook? Often questions you may have may be found in AGC's Student Handbook. 

Policy and Procedures (Support)

The purpose of this policy is to ensure that Australian Global College will:


  • Support learners in the achievement of learning objectives and quality outcomes

  • Identify barriers that may prevent successful completion

  • Identify, implement or refer to service options and/or resources to overcome barriers

  • Endeavour to maximise numbers of students progressing to achievement of completion

Now that you're ready, please continue through to the Enrolment Form by clicking on 'ENROL' below.

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