I have no time

January 8, 2017



I have no time


Heard that before? a well used excuse to stay submerged in piles of endless 'to do' lists. It’s so easy to allow ‘Busy’ to keep our heads under water and so long at it stays there, we are not able to see the opportunities that lay above.


So here is the challenge; when we get so busy, how can we possibly fit in something else? Especially if our To Do list is never ending, and it seems to get longer and longer by the minute. And so long as we think of things as a task or a 'to do', we will never have the time because everything else on our list is much more important. So we keep putting off that trip we wanted to take, or that course we wanted to do, or obtain the necessary qualification to get that position you’ve always been thinking of. 


What if we were to add 'Find Time' on our list. Let's not just add it to our list, let's prioritise it in terms of its importance. Let's rate it. So just how important is it to you to have more time? Don't answer the question yet, think about it first. 


Just how valuable is your time? Have you ever stopped to think about that? So if we are set on earth with a finite length of time, how would you ideally like to spend that time? If time was available to you at will, what would you do with it? And why would you want to spend your time that way? How is it important to you and why is it important to you. 


When I stopped and asked myself these questions, suddenly I realised I couldn't afford not to find the time. Here were my answers to those very questions I just asked you; I wanted to spend every moment with my children, doing the school rounds, be there with them watching them learn, grow, develop. I want to travel with them, show them the world, help them to uncover their passions and find their purpose in life, empower them so that I know for certain that when it is time for me to leave this world, that they will be fully equipped to deal with whatever comes their way. I want to not just tell them how its done, but be a role model, show them the way to living a happy life, show them how they can create a life of absolutely anything they want, and how they too can contribute to society and make a difference in people's lives. Whew! I took a deep breath and looked at what I wrote and while it was inspiring, I immediately fell back into my excuse; "But I have no Time" 


And then my conscience got the better of me, "Really? You don't have time for your kids?" 


So on the list it went, right at the top of it sat in big bold letters FIND TIME. After weeks, and even months, it still sat there. And the more I looked at it, the more it frustrated me that it was so hard to find, until it dawned on me that time doesn't just float into your life, you have to make it. Round 2 - Cross off 'find time' replace with 'MAKE TIME'. Magically, it worked. Suddenly the whole world opened up because now I was actively and subconsciously looking for ways to have more time. In time, I became more efficient with my work, and I became better at multitasking, but I still wanted more time so I kept 'TIME' as my number 1 priority, and to this day, it remains high on my list. 


There are many opportunities that show up in your life, but until you are open to receiving more time, you won't see it. Instead, you'll see it as a time taker or waster rather than a giver. So when I really got serious about creating not just a little more time, but really ultimate time freedom, the opportunity that was presented to me earlier suddenly became the ultimate solution. Everything else that I was doing were the time takers. 


My greatest discovery was that time was always available. I just had to find a way to make it happen and because of that decision and commitment, I'm now reaping the reward of a time free life, no deadlines, no pressure to 'get things done' no 'to do' list, no alarm clock, no boss to answer to, no stress, a life with no regrets. If that doesn't sound enticing, here's more, I get to spend every single school holiday with my son, we get to travel and literally do whatever we want while still having a more than comfortable income stream.


So my challenge to whoever is reading this, if time is valuable to you, when will you commit to make TIME a priority?  

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