Goals - SMART or over ambitious?

January 17, 2017


Some say that goals should be SMART, the acronym for specific, measurable, attainable, realistic and time specific.  But what is 'realistic' and what is 'attainable'?  Industry leaders have all proven that massive goals, some even call them CRAZY goals, have been achieved. Just take a look at Google, Uber,  Apple, Virgin, and Huawei (a Chinese conglomerate who in recent years has hit the global market). All of these entities started with one person's idea, maybe even a crazy idea, or over ambitious? But as time has proven, it is fair to say that 'realistic' and 'attainable' are terms that have been slowly but surely widened to interpretation. 


As an entrepreneur's coach & mentor, I can safely say that whatever one believes is attainable is the best measurement. Whatever is in the mind of the individual becomes realistic. But what's more important is the driving force behind these interpretations; that is the 'Desire', such that the greater the desire, the more realistic and attainable that goal becomes. True can also be said that the more realistic and attainable the goal is perceived to be, the stronger the desire becomes to achieve it.


So here is my challenge to you; are you one to want the PROOF first, or are you going to BE the proof? The former will want to play it safe, perhaps wait until others have achieved it first. Some even wait for those proven track success to be formally documented, and written systems and processes to be available before even considering embarking on that journey. The latter however will take a leap of faith, dive head first into it with the greatest desire and passion. Some may succeed, while sadly a majority will give up. Why? Because they realise big desires come with lots of challenges that perhaps haven't been entirely thought through and mostly unexpected. Those who persist and come through the other end are those who are the most resilient to failures and set backs. Maybe, just maybe, they were more prepared, both in their practical planning and emotional planning.


I guess my conclusion is, don't be afraid of big goals. Just be prepared. Expect a few bumps along the road, equip yourself with access to knowledge and skills when you need them, and align yourself with a coach or mentor. 


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